About Us

Our club is uniquely structured, as an association, incorporated and not-for-profit. The Corporation owns all of the real and personal property. No one individual owns any corporate stock, bonds, certificates or equity in the Corporation. There is Board of seven Directors elected by the members that oversee our club’s business. Directors do not receive any income, benefits or privileges for their services.

Message From the President

Hello and welcome to the Wildwood Golf & Country Club website. My name is Bob Noel and I currently have the pleasure of serving our members and Board of Directors as President.

We have one of the most enjoyable, yet challenging courses in the area, where a 4 hour round of golf is often considered to be slow! Wildwood is the type of course you can enjoy playing very often, regardless of your handicap.

We also have a very diverse membership, all of whom enjoy their golf as well as the leagues, tournaments and activities. In addition to the golf, our grille room offers us a very relaxed environment where we can relive or escape the last round.

Message from the Wildwood Women's Golf Association (WWGA)

The WWGA is open to all female members of Wildwood Golf & Country Club who are 21 years of age or older. The Association sponsors tournament play on Wednesdays from April to October. All players must have a USGA handicap to participate in Association Tournaments.

Experiencing the camaraderie of other women golfers is an important part of enjoyable golf.

Members of the WWGA look forward to meeting and being paired with members of different golfing abilities during the season.